Hey y'all, I’m Hannah!

I love what I do. Capturing moments that only happen once in a lifetime are so important to me. I am obsessed with the love two people share together and I want to make sure that it is remembered forever. I love watching children and their families grow up right in front of my lens. I am so lucky to meet and work with such amazing people and am so thankful that they let me be just a small part of their lives.

I grew up in Kansas on a farm and spent a lot of time hanging out with my chickens and cows. I love going back home and enjoy spending time in the tractor. I lived in Nebraska for six years and now reside in Colorado Springs. I currently have 3 ducks and 3 chickens and two dogs.

Since I’ve bounced around I do love to travel back to the midwest for weddings and am more than ready to travel anywhere my camera takes me!

I love everything about a wedding day. Whether you are planning a huge wedding or just hanging out with your closest family and friends, I would love to chat about all the details and plan out the most perfect day that is meant for YOU and I would love to capture it exactly how it is in that moment. I can help you with your timeline and make everything as smooth as I possibly can!

I have the coolest son who is so funny. I also have a little brown cow named Mocha. She isn’t really a cow or that little actually, but a chocolate lab mix. We all love to hike and be outside as much as possible! My son and I love to do the Incline and Mocha loves to hike 14ers and she is forced to run miles with me on the trails. 

I talk all the time and if we’ve never met before our session I will probably talk the entire time. I will most likely be awkward because I just ramble on and on and on, but I promise you by the end of the session, we will be best friends. PSA: I laugh at everything.

My uncle, grandpa and dad all passed away within three years of each other. The photos I have with them mean more to me than I could have ever imagined. I hold those photos and memories so close to my heart and that is what I want to give you.

Life is so short. Tomorrow isn’t promised and we should all focus on today. I want to capture your life as it is. I want you to remember it exactly how it is today, because it will be completely different tomorrow.

I got engaged to my best friend on top of a 14er and am in the middle of planning my own wedding so i would love to talk about all things weddings and join you in the excitement (and sometimes stressful) of wedding planning. I cannot wait to say 'I do' to him and i just can't believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. Sometimes it doesn't even seem real that {HE} wants to be with {ME} forever. (Ugh, who am i?! HA) If you feel the same way about your person then we should chat and hang out for sure!

“I live for those moments that disappear before you blink. Those moments your heart can’t let go of. Those moments that make you feel alive. Those moments that just take your breath away. That is what I live for.”